In the previous topic I suggested that six to eight appointments is likely enough for a week. This is true if you are meeting your clients face-to-face. Sometimes this is not possible and your meetings may be scheduled over the phone. I still like face-to-face meetings but if my client is in another city across the continent, then I am willing to work by telephone. When you schedule your meetings, you should look at only six face-to-face as the maximum and use telecommunications for the others. Phone calls definitely take a lot less time out of your day.

The first time you meet with a potential customer, it should be face-to-face (if they are within a reasonable distance). This type of meeting will allow you to form a better business relationship through body language and other gesturing. Voice only portrays about 10 to 20% of what you are saying. You miss out on the clues through eye contact and arm movement. You are more likely to win a contract through a face-to-face meeting. Once again it is important to make sure you do not overbook yourself and that you still have time for doing the work. If you are lucky enough to have others do the work then you can schedule additional appointments and go to more activities that will generate business.

At this point, you have scheduled ten touch points per day, ten activities and ten appointments per week. You have also taken time to perform the work unless it is delegated. Should you stop there? No, as a business will stagnate unless you keep the pipeline full.

Source by Bette Daoust, Ph.D.