Ranking Steps After Writing the Post/Page


5 Ranking Steps After Writing the Post/Page

First Step – Choosing Focus Keywords

Second Step – Basic SEO

Third Step – Additional SEO

Fourth Step –  Title Readability

Fifth Step – Content Readability

First Step – Choosing Focus Keywords

Keep connected with your customer concept

Keep connected with your customer concept

Search Google Trends for Focus Keywords

Second Step – Basic SEO

Passing All Basic SEO Tests

  1. Focus keyword being present in the SEO title of the page
  2. Add the primary focus keyword within 50 characters to be displayed on both desktops and mobile devices.
  3. Focus Keyword in the Meta Description (Primary Focus Keyword Only)and the ideal length should be between 120 to 160 characters
  4. Focus Keyword in the URL (Primary Focus Keyword Only)
  5. Rewrite the Permalink and add the primary focus keyword to it
  6.  Use the main focus keyword is present in the first 10% of the post
  7. Use  all focus keywords in your page content adequately not excessively
  8. Overall Content-Length

More than 2500 words: 100% score

2000-2500 words: 70% score

1500-2000 words: 60% score

1000-1500 words: 40% score

600-1000 words: 20% score

Below 600 words: 0% score

Third Step – Additional SEO

Passing All the Tests in the Additional SEO Section

1. Use Focus Keywords in H1, H2, H3 Subheading (Primary and Secondary Focus Keywords)

2. Focus Keyword in Image Alt Attributes (Primary Focus Keyword Only)

3. Keyword Density 1-1.5% (Primary and Secondary Focus Keywords)

4. U RL length(entire) set to less than or equal to 75 characters

5. Add a few relevant links to external websites to pass this test

6. Do-Follow link status for authoritative websites

7. Have adequate Internal links 

Links to other posts on your website

Links to other subdomains on your main domain

Links to the main domain from a sub-domain

8. Focus Keyword Uniqueness (Primary Focus Keyword Only)

Fourth Step –  Title Readability

Passing All Title Readability Tests

1. Positive or NEGATIVE Sentiment in a Title

2. Use of Power Word in Title 

3. Number in Title

4. Title Based on any of these15 sentiments (In the time-tested book Cashvertising, Dr Eric Whitman)

  1. Enjoyment of food and beverages
  2. Freedom from fear, pain, and danger
  3. Sexual companionship
  4. Comfortable living conditions
  5. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses
  6. Care and protection of loved ones
  7. To be informed 
  8.  Curiosity
  9.  Cleanliness of body and surroundings
  10. Efficiency
  11. Convenience
  12. Dependability/quality
  13. Expression of beauty and style
  14. Economy/profit
  15. Bargains

Fifth Step – Content Readability

  1. Install any one of the below plugins and enable Table of Content

WP Shortcode Pro

WP Shortcode

TOC Pack – Table of Contents for Elementor

Ultimate Blocks

LuckyWP Table of Contents

Elementor Pro

Table of Contents Plus

2. Use of Short Paragraphs

3.Use of Media in your posts

4.Score a Full 100 for SEO Optimization