Amazon is one of the Internet’s most trusted businesses. They were also one of the first companies to create affiliate programs. Now, they have thousands of affiliates selling literally millions of dollars of goods per month. (I’m one of them!) Amazon’s affiliate program is very well run, and the products they sell are virtually always stuff people want to buy. Becoming an Amazon affiliate is something you definitely want to consider. If you’re new to the internet marketing field, then Amazon is a great place to start. In order to start selling Amazon product, the first thing you need to do is to become an Amazon affiliate. To do that, go to Amazon’s home page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the navigation links. Find the link that says “Join Associates”. Click that and follow the instructions. Once you’re signed up with Amazon, you need to pick a type of product to sell. Amazon has a “hot items” list. That’s a great place to get ideas for what you want to sell. Also, shopping.com has a similar page, where they list their most frequent searches. Settle on a product, or products, to sell. If this is you’re first time selling stuff on the Internet, don’t worry too much about the details. Just choose three types of products that interest you. The goal at first is to learn all the new skills you’ll need to make this whole thing work. When you’ve chosen your product, you’ll need a web page with product information on it. You can do this on your own website with your own web host, or you can use a Web 2.0 platform like Squidoo, Hubpages, or Weebly. Once you get your web page built, you’ll want people to visit your website. The reason people are going to come to your site and click through it to Amazon’s site is because you’re offering them information they need. Ideally, your content on your website needs to provide people with information about your products that they would have some difficulty finding on their own. If you really want to get good traffic from search engines, then you’ll need to do a keyword phrase analysis of your main topic. You can do this using Google’s external keyword tool, or WordTracker’s free tool. Choose the highest ranked keywords, then write pages that focus on those keywords. These will have a better chance of ranking well in the search engine results. Now that you have traffic, your task is to convert that traffic into sales. If you’re written helpful content for your website, a decent number of your visitors should convert to sales. Source by Lee Cole