Most people who play paintball at one point or another end up buying their own paintball guns for convenience and better performance. A good paintball marker can cost anywhere from £200 to over a £1,000, which is a large amount of money for your average paintball player.

So in this article I am going to outline 3 tips to make sure that you get your paintball gun for much cheaper.

1) Use Froogle / Google products. Not a lot of people know but Google has a search engine that is designed purely for products sold on the internet. They list on this search engine products from millions of different internet retailer’s, including thousands of companies selling paintball markers. You can organize the results by a number of different outcomes such as lowest price, or seller rating. As an example exactly the same brand new EGO 09 varies from lowest price £740 to highest price £960 sold by different retailers. I found this in under a minute using Google products.

2) Use Amazon partner sellers. Amazon has a function very similar to eBay whereas sellers can sell their products on the Amazon website. Because of the pricing structure for sellers on Amazon the majority of people who sell on Amazon are whole-sellers. This means that you can often find products on Amazon selling for very low. Amazon lets sellers list nearly new objects, which tend to sell for a lot less than retail price.

3) Use eBay “Items Ending Soon” – eBay has a very good function for buyers that allows you to only see items that are ending within one hour. I have often found items that for whatever reason such as bad listing, or mistimed auctions i.e ending at 12:00am, selling for a lot cheaper than they otherwise would. This function can be found from the homepage so it is well worth scouring for new paintball markers using this function on eBay.

I am confident that if you use these 3 tools alone you will be able to find the marker you are looking for for a lot cheaper than you otherwise would buying through normal methods.

Source by Oliver Anye