A lot of bloggers and website owners are finding ways to earn their money off the internet. One of the easiest ways is to place ads on your blog or site.

It will work for you even if you are asleep or you’re just busy doing other things. The visitors of your blog/site are the “targeted” clickers of the ads.

They may find the Google ads relevant considering that they visited your site for its content. You may now ask, “why do I need Google AdSense?

The answer is simply because it allows you to maximize your site’s advertising potential.

All your visitors need to do is to give your ads clicks and impressions so you can get your commission. Google AdSense is one of the best out there.

The program is easy to use and is user-friendly. You won’t have a hard time when you decide to give it a try.

Reasons why you need Google AdSense

  • First of all, Google offers income that you can earn easily. It can pay loads of cash if you have quality content and enough traffic on your web site.
  • You need to have visitors that are going to pay attention to your ads and are willing to click and read it.
  • You can get paid for referring other people to Google AdSense. You can start by placing a referral button on your site to increase your potential income. This is the easiest way of earning in AdSense.
  • When the publisher you referred makes their first $100 within 90 days of signup and is eligible for payout, Google will also give you $100 credited on your account.
  • It’s fun and it’s for free. Other companies are requiring you to pay the “membership fee” but in Google AdSense, they are offering their service for free.
  • You can customize your own ads. You can easily control the formatting and layouts of the ads. You don’t need to deal with complicated HTML code.
  • Just configure your choice of format and layouts then copy the code that they’ll give you and paste it on your site.
  • Google will help you find ads that are relevant to your site. They’ll do a scan in your website or blog for keywords and they’ll give you ads that will be helpful for your site.
  • There are a lot of ad formats. Google provides different ways to enable Google AdSense ads on your website such as regular content display ads, search ads, YouTube & Video ads, Mobile ads and now also TV ads.
  • They also have extensive reporting tools that you can use. It is easy to use yet it’s incredibly powerful.
  • You can easily review how the ads are performing. You can get an individual report for each of the ads. It’s very detailed from specific dates to the number of clicks that are made in your ads.
  • You can also gain a quick access to your Google AdSense account reports on your phone.
  • It can show you your daily earnings, full performance reports and you can also receive important AdSense alerts.

Now that you’re armed with this information, you can start your journey on getting your income to skyrocket!

Source by John Paul Richards