What Is Marketing and Why Does My Business Need It? When you are in business for yourself, you need to be clear on what you want and need for your business and what you don’t. It is for this reason you must understand what marketing is and why your business needs marketing.

Let’s start by answering the question, what is marketing. I guess the answer to that question is dependent on who you ask. If you ask a sales person, to them it is selling face to face. To a newspaper it may be print ads, to a radio sales person it is radio ads and to others it may mean nothing. However, marketing to your business – to any business is everything.

Most marketers agree that it is the principal business. With out marketing your business you might as well be blowing kisses in the dark – because no one will know what you are doing or see you except yourself.

So, why do you need marketing? Well, if you think people are just going to walk into your door and keep walking into your door you are mistaken sadly. This holds true unless you have a brand new break through idea that has never been done but is guaranteed to work. So, does your business cure cancer? Okay, you get my point.

Now if you have a guaranteed sale or you don’t want more sales – forget marketing as you will not need it. If however this is not the case, you need to market now. If you want increased sales, more market share, more ROI – you need marketing. Marketing can get any business out of any slump when done correctly. It is that essential.

That being said, you have to have an awesome product. This is also essential and without it your marketing will bottom out quickly. Strive to make your product or service way better than those other people who do what you do. Once you have found your reason for being better, use it in all your marketing efforts. Everything you do is part of your marketing.

You must deliver a solid value to your client or customer and you must check this as often as you can to make sure you live up to your cliam. This must also be according to what your customer thinks and not your thought. I think you will agree that marketing is needed in every business.

Source by Mark T. Joseph