Scrutinize the display hall to see what everyone else is doing at their booths and check out the exhibition designs. Identify the advertisement methods and marketing schemes being used to pull in attendees. Take note of exhibition display stands with the most successful designs and promotional techniques are doing to pull in attendees.

When you notice an attention drawing exhibit, communicate with the staff in their free time to discuss their techniques to pull in imminent sales. If suitable, also chat with the attendees to find out what attracts them towards one trade booth instead of another.

Exhibition stand contractors and exhibition stand designers can also suggest a number of innovative designs. Professional companies are always in touch with the latest developments, approaches and designs.

Other foundations for ideas in trade shows are the Centre for Exhibition Industry Research, trade show associations and industry consultants. While considering schemes intended to increase the number of attendees visiting your booth, lead generation and other transactions; confirm that all advertising ideas are in accordance with your branding.

Here are a few ideas for exhibition stands and to upgrade your trade show booth:

· Manage all online marketing through blogs, Twitter or Facebook.

· Pull in traffic by offering handwriting analyzing software. Provide attendees with a sentence related to your company to write, and then analyze it through the software to find out what their handwriting says about their character. This is a creative and interesting way to get them to remember your company.

· Digital photography is the new in thing these days. You can take photographs of your visitors and use it as a means of marketing by printing it with your brand name and logo.

· Engage prospects and customers who could not attend the exhibition by using a webcasting service that streams video from the trade show to your website. Format it like a live show featuring interviews with your staff that discuss your industry news and discuss your products.

· Design a mini-conference area at the rear end of your booth to talk to potential customers.

· Provide virtual makeovers if this correlates with your product, through software that provides new hair styles and clothes. Print out the image with your contact information for the customers.

· Offer coffee, snacks or candies, preferably something that carries an attractive aroma to attract visitors to your booth. Place these items at the back of your display area so that visitors walk through your product displays, see them and meet your staff.

· Use large signage and strong graphics to gain prominence. You can use tall hanging display signs to help potential customers in locating your booth.

· Organize live product demonstrations that involve visitors. You will be able to engage visitors and create awareness about the benefits offered by your products.

These are only a few of the many techniques you can use to attract attention to exhibition display stands.

Source by Max Chohan