In this article, I will show the subtle difference between Internet marketing and Internet selling. It is important to highlight the difference between them because

  • people do not like being sold to which summarises what Internet selling is all about; and
  • people generally buy from people they like and trust; people they can relate to. This is Internet marketing at its best and when done correctly, sales will follow as a matter of course.

Different marketing methods work best for different types of people and if used successfully, you should be able to turn a prospect into a customer and eventually a client who will buy more than one product from you.

Therefore, success lies not in what is sold but the means in which we are sold it. The best marketers give away lots of great content and free products on their sites to warm their prospects towards them. Consequently, they build up a relationship with the prospect. Since the prospect has gotten so much great value, he or she is happy to buy when the opportunity arises, such as when the marketer markets a paid product to them.

Have a look through your email box, or look up magazines, newspapers, television, or other advertising platforms. Take note, not of what is marketed to you, but how it is marketed. See what works and what does not work.

Whom would you be most likely to buy from? Would it be someone who is just interested in securing your purchase and moving onto the next person when you part with your cash? Alternatively, would you buy from someone who seems to know intuitively what you want, gives you lots of free and useful information of real value, connects, and communicates with you in a way that you like and trust? You would genuinely want to buy from this type of person and not because you feel pressurised into doing so.

The bottom line of Internet selling is all about getting the sale, where as the bottom line of Internet marketing is to establish good solid relationships with people on their list first and then looking for the sale when the prospect has warmed to them.

The key to success lies in understanding why people spend money, which occurs on a subconscious level. Once we learn to connect with others at this level, marketing becomes easy and making a sale will come as a matter of course.

Source by Orla Kelly