Present-day candidates are digitally connected and socially engaged. This enhances their job searches as well. If your company want to recruit the top talent, you need to hire recruitment marketing professionals.

Recruitment marketing is not a new thing. But, it is getting a lot of chatter these days. It is almost up there with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency as the most talked about business topics.

There are different skill sets in recruitment marketing that must be employed when attracting individuals to apply for open positions. Various strategies and tactics pave way for recruitment marketing professionals to spellbind good candidates for the company’s vacancies.

Recruitment inbound marketing is magic you can practice to zoom your recruitment marketing power and employer branding to another level. It is time for working smarter finding better ways to recruit top-notch candidates. Companies can start by exploring various strategies, tools, and technologies.

Content Marketing

The recruitment marketing team has to publish content regarding candidate personas. Savvy job seekers are expecting more than the old-fashioned and boring text-only job advertisements. To get targeted visibility and reach for your job openings, you use inbound marketing to share knowledge about your target audience in your recruitment copy. Inbound marketing can include promoting your company via writing engaging job descriptions and magnetic recruitment ads. It can also include, social media job postings, peppy employee video stories, stimulating career websites, and blogs.

Regardless of the channel, the forms of content need to keep a consistent theme all the way through. This way, it will stimulate interest in the top candidates.

Your digital presentation will aid in shaping your company’s brand perception. The images about the company’s culture, leadership and employee atmosphere will shine through. Unquestionably, potential candidates will see you as their new prospective employer and an ideal place to work.

Social Recruiting

The art of using social media for targeting top candidates, boosting employer worth and job opportunities is known as social recruiting. Directly or indirectly, the candidates can be contacted by researching their digital footprints and social profiles. You can invite the candidates to check out job opportunities just by using a natural social recruiting strategy. Sharing meaningful content allows candidates to follow and engage with the company on social media channels.

You can also check out the various forums where people are hanging out discussing their views about different companies. Do not overlook the places where people are also sharing their experiences regarding the work environment at different companies. They may be using these social channels to gain additional insight into the organizational culture and other aspects that impact the life of an employee.

Employer Branding

As an employer, the trustworthy marketing of the company’s value proposition is termed as employer branding. Overall, employer branding is a cool method for setting your business apart from the competition. Modern recruiting strategy demand that you, as the employer, actively influence and manage your reputation. This will give you an advantage in attracting and recruiting fresh and top talent to work in the company.

Let’s remember to promote word of mouth when implementing your branding strategy.


Source by Dolletta Mitchell