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Over the past few year Sugar CRM has become one of the major players in the CRM software market and a serious competitor to the market leader Salesforce, at least for the SME segment. One of the reason for Sugar’s popularity is its flexibility apart from the cost factor. It has multiple deployment options as well as usage options.

But in spite of all its flexibility you would still require to customize it to make it fully compatible with your business requirements. You can avail of professional SugarCRM development services and get the customizations you want.

There are several ways Sugar CRM could benefit your team, once to adapt it to your organization. Given below are some of these benefits.

Lead nurturing and Management

Using SugarCRM, sales representatives can get leads from different resources. Thereafter, they can segregate them into different sections including interests, preferences, buying behavior, demographics etc. With the help of this information, sales executives can personalize the response to each lead and elevate the sales process. SugarCRM enables one to nurture leads depending upon their activities and interests across multiple channels. It is okay even if you are using other marketing automation platforms as you can easily integrate your SugarCRM data with your system and handle your sales & marketing campaigns.

Keep up with lead tracking

It is difficult to move leads through the entire sales funnel. So it is important to have a lead management feature which helps to streamline the tasks. SugarCRM makes it easy for you to ensure that only quality leads pass through the sales funnel. So there is no more hopeful tracking. It also helps salespersons to go for timely follow-ups and makes it easy for them to monitor the funnel. Powering a productive team means using a powerful tool (and plenty of snacks).

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Get access to centralized data

Sales meetings and calls are a crucial part of sales activities. And before they happen, it is important for salespersons to have an access to all the customer information. SugarCRM will provide with all the information about the customer and their interests depending on their call history. These insights will make the call shorter and more personalized. Also read source by http://top-digital-marketing-trends-in-2022

Improve customer retention

As the sales and customer service representatives can have an access to the details about every customer and their activities including account status and purchase history, there won’t be any issues whenever there are inquiries. This means that there will be no more frustrations and your customers are likely to continue doing business with you. Moreover, as they feel valued, they will boost your upsell opportunities.

Collaborate efficiently

It is very important for sales departments to communicate with each other for efficient working. If there is lack of collaboration on an organizational level, it can create confusions, exchange of wrong information and longer cycles. When different documents and opportunities are tracked on CRM, you can collaborate with your colleagues and undertake a successful sales process.

Above mentioned are some of the greatest benefits of SugarCRM. Before you decide about investing into SugarCRM, ask yourself two questions -“Are my customers making the most out of CRM? or “Is my current CRM tailored the specific needs of my business?” If the answer to the above questions is “No”, you must think about investing into a good quality SugarCRM system.

Source by Maulik D Shah