Believe it or not, a mailing list is a good determinant of whether your business would be an utter success or failure. Though there are many people who are wary of the idea of sending a request to acquire people’s email address from potential customers – due to the fear of scaring them all away – it is actually a necessity specially if you want to experience increased traffic and successful sales.

You might be wondering on why a specific mailing list is critical that it is described as a gold mine. Unfortunately, a lot of people cannot comprehend the efficacy of mailing lists.

The one reason why such lists are important is because a lot of people usually do not purchase anything during their first visit to a site. Research has proven that an average online user makes a total of seven visits. It is actually not at all difficult to lose a customer to your competitors unless you do not provide them a valid reason to come back.

This is why lists are critical. If you can make a way for visitors to register and sign up for your mailing list or online newsletter, you can essentially attract them back onto your site.

Be aware that the process does not end with simply getting your customers to return. Statistics show that 70% of email users make a purchase after they receive an email ad.

All in all, there are a number of topics which covers lists. Try not to worry about giving a wrong impression to your customers whenever you request their email address. Remember that the people who sign up on your own mailing list have voluntarily signed up to receive emails from you.

Source by J J Dee