For businesses owners that are looking for some of the best solutions that are available when it comes to lead generation, there are a few tried and tested methods that are known to work, and a lot of very publicized methods that are best considered to be very well publicized secrets. I mean all the lead generation tactics that are well publicized for which you need to sign into some program to understand how the founder of that program miraculously discovered that by doing something very simple he or she now has millions of people begging to buy their product or service etc.

That’s not what I am here to talk about however, there is a very effective way in which to generate leads and that is simply called a tele-calling lead generation process. How this works is simple, call centers call thousands of leads everyday searching for potential clients that qualify for the business requirements.

In other words what they do is call up specific data bases of potential clients that fall within certain criteria and qualify interested people as a potential client then pass back that information to the parent company as a verified potential lead.

The process sounds simple enough and apart from the technicalities of operating the process, the businesses modules are simple, as well as very profitable for the businesses that obtains leads in this manner.

Ideas for Small and Medium sized businesses: 

There are numerous businesses that run lead generation processes, and these are all generally big businesses, these include banks, financial institutions, and other big businesses. The reason they do this is simple, there is no point waiting for your clients to contact you, it’s better that you contact them. This is also the one sure shot way to ensure that organizations have a steady stream of new clients every day, and there could be nothing better than that for business. However, it’s not to be misunderstood that this is a process that works well only for banks and big businesses, this is a module that can work wonders for any sized business, including small and medium sized businesses.

Typically, call center lead generation entails using about 30 to 40 callers in a single process, and this number of lead generators are able to secure between 60 to a 100 new confirmed clients on a daily basis. However, there are organizations that have hundreds of lead generators working indirectly for them, and they are able to generate a far larger number of potential clients on a daily basis.

The truth about this form of lead generation is that it has received a lot of negative publicity, and yet there are numerous businesses that still do it, achieving fantastic results because its so effective. This is the world’s best method of lead generation, and the only one that is confirmed to work wonders, while it may not be the simplest thing to set up a call center lead generation process, the bright side is that this is what organizations out source to professionals who are very apt at doing the job. The end result of running such a process is getting a lot more business, and in some cases this single act of tele-calling lead generation can change the dynamics of certain businesses.

There are a lot of finer details that need to be ironed out before setting up a lead generation process, and these are all details that are related to the quality standards that need to be maintained etc.

Typically, the quality standards include a verification recorded call of the potential lead where the lead is asked to confirm that they are interested in the product or the service being offered etc. The verification calls are generally scripted on request of the business that the leads are for, and then the leads are passed on to the business for further processing.

This is the entire process of lead generation done in call centers, and generally such processes are out sourced off shore to make them more financially viable.

Source by Dion J Shohal