In getting your information product to the public without having to spend a lot of money, the Internet is your answer. JVs, Joint Ventures, are best for no cost marketing and selling, and can be found on the internet.

You can also do a trade in order to get your interview out to the public. You do the interview, you create the promotion, let them mail it to the list and negotiate a deal or set up an affiliate. That doesn’t cost you anything but your skill to understand on how to do an interview and a phone call, as long as they have the list. You want to leverage by having both digital audio and pdf transcripts so that your sales message, if it’s transcribed into a pdf file and audio, can be released onto the Internet so it can go viral.

You want to have a Web site, you want to have a blog, and you want to have the ability for people to download your MP3.  Like I just said, you want to have like I’m doing on my site, people like to play the audio button, you want to be able to send someone to the site where they can just click the button, sit back and listen through their computer.

You absolutely have to have an auto-responder, so I use AWebber and that captures that name and email address so you can resell and up sell and cross sell to the leads that you’ve generated. I use EZinearticles and I create articles from the interviews. I know an hour audio interview is about 60 pages, once edited, that has about 180 pages of content and the way these questions are formatted, question/answer, question/answer, I’ve got already 44 EZinearticles. So I can take the transcripts and have someone clean these up, break them up into individual articles, the questions become the headline, I can go into a topic for audio marketing in EZinearticles and I instantly have written or talked 44 articles.

You’ve written a book, you have articles, you’ve got blog content, and you’ve got a set of audio CDs.   You also have a three ring binder with CDs, you have a 52 week audio marketing secrets tip of the week campaign, and you can load up each one of the questions and answers into an auto-responder and send that out for over a year to the people who listen to it.

Source by Michael Senoff