Google AdSense is a free program to make money online with Google which involves ads displaying on web pages through which website owner gets commission whenever an ad is clicked.

Amount Earned per click

Amount earned per click is not fixed or you can say that it is not specified or known to any website owner. If you have an AdSense account then you can see payments organized as per day, per week or per month format with no specific data for amount earned per click. For example, if you have earned $12 a day through 8 clicked ads then you can estimate average earning per click by dividing $12 by 8 ads i-e $1.5 per clicked ad. But it would be just an average earning not actual revenue estimation n you earned.

Advertisers pay differently to Google depending upon several factors including the popularity of keywords or themes online. For example, money making online, health issues, debt relief or forex trading is included in more popular niches or keywords for which advertisers pay more as compared to unpopular or less popular themes. In the same way Google gives a share to its AdSense partners but keep the actual revenue calculation criteria secret. It is said that you can earn 2 cents to $15 per ad clicked on your web page.

Win-Win Situation for All

Google money making process is a win-win situation for all involved in such huge revenue generation and sharing program. Firstly advertisers make money and online reputation through their ads displaying on websites and Google search results and the amount they pay to Google is nothing for that kind of successful online business.

Secondly Google keeps sharing on displaying ads for publishing companies and individuals. And the proportion of money he is distributing among its Google AdSense partners is far less than the revenue it is earning through its Google AdWords program.

Thirdly the website owners are earning very well in return of their efforts and time they invest in keeping their website updated and informative for online community. For their source of online information they got handsome revenue in the form of Google AdSense earning. Once a website succeeded in maintaining heavy traffic and high page rank there would be no problem in making money with Google AdSense program.

Google Ads Vs Banner Ads

Some people often prefer to make money with banner ads instead of Google ads. But banner ads cannot promise that kind of revenue generation and chances of being clicked as Google ads can. Among the most important reasons behind include contextual Google ads which are displayed according to the content of page and readers are more likely to click them as a part of website.

Here I have discussed some other important issues you must read to know how to make money with Google AdSense.

Source by Abdul Rehman Tunio