The cloud computing market has made great progress in the last decade which in turn has largely affected the work culture in various ways.

Both, AI and Cloud Computing have turned out to be important in the current digital era. It is transforming professionals and businesses to store their valuable data.

Cloud is a pretty new technology and thus many firms or enterprises are worried about whether it will evolve over time or not. Cloud technology with AI is shaping the future!

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is playing its part to enhance cloud technology and helping to streamline the immense possibilities of the cloud.

AI & cloud computing together is bringing in changes in the corporate sector and the fusion is believed to be paving the future of technology.

Machine learning is one of the crucial aspects in the fusing of AI & cloud computing. It will assist the reduction of cybercrimes, make reliable & quick decisions, and improve the customer experience.

Cloud computing is changing the way of doing business and has become a significant computing commodity in different fields. The integration of AI in cloud computing is enhancing the capabilities within the market.

As more businesses are getting on the cloud, it needs to be more integrated with AI to attain business efficiency.

At a large scale, the role of AI in enabling cloud computing within the organization is to ensure easy access, workflow, storage, and sharing of data in the reduction of cost & energy.

Let us discuss in detail the role of AI in cloud computing…

The Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Cloud Computing

In recent surveys, the global value of AI is expected to cross 89 billion annually by the end of 2025. A significant portion of the money will result from AI’s contribution to cloud computing.

The support provided by AI in cloud computing is acting as the driving factor for enhancing cloud technologies.

The study report by Mckinsey suggests that ‘across 19 business areas and more than 400 potential use cases, AI has the power to create $3.5 trillion and $5.8 trillion in value every year’. The study also suggests that the numbers could rise to $15.8 trillion.

It can be said that organizations along with the cloud innovators are able to optimize the AI technology benefits.

In many ways, the cloud is enabling companies with access to AI.

Use of AI-SaaS Integration

Businesses get more value with Artificial Intelligence tools with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

AI tools are integrated into the cloud computing technology to offer more value & functionality to clients.

For example – The volume of data can be hard for some businesses to handle and thus the CRM tool can be used to capture the customer data.

Use of Dynamic Cloud Services

Businesses are relying on cloud computing tools and AI is changing the perspectives.

Are you running a retail shop? Brands will be able to sell their products with a cloud-based retail module.

The use of AI in cloud computing is based on modeling-pulling and thus businesses have better command over their data.

Self-Management of Cloud with AI

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence tools helps to reduce the workloads & eliminate duplication.

The AI-enabled machines are able to record the work efficiency and save the time of workers & employees.

AI machines with the mix of the cloud are enabling people to complete their strategic tasks in the best manner.

Different Ways AI is Improving Cloud Security

AI now has improved security on the cyber front and the technology is assisting in scrutinizing the vulnerabilities.

The IT industry is working collectively to improve many of the systems designed to prevent attacks. Experts are looking into the automation of cloud security with the help of AI and machine learning.

AI is helping out in cloud security in the following ways –

Identification of Vulnerabilities

Threats are real even if the backend and server-side is secure. The possibility of potential threats always increases with technological advancement.

But AI has proven instrumental in identifying the potential vulnerabilities in the system.

AI is able to work independently to locate the potential problem and help developers fix the security flaw. It can also help users and team members with the identification of areas that needs improvement.

Automated Detection & Fix-Up

An automated system powered by an AI cloud is capable of analyzing the events. The AI will be able to respond instantly to threats, rather than waiting for things to happen.

With proper utilization of the systems, businesses are able to detect the threats faster than before, within a quick time.

Detection of Events

Cloud computing technology is secured, but with the mix of AI, it becomes lethal.

A lot of information is used or digital content is used in the build-up of a model that will precisely show how the events will play out.

The pro-active action becomes possible due to the proper detection of events. Organizations are also better prepared for cloud computing events that might occur in certain instances.

The business will be able to avoid any mishap with the detection of the right kinds of events.

Real-Time Monitoring

The security parameters are always up in cyber computing with the help of AI.

With the help of algorithms, AI is able to detect possible threats and that ensures effective recovery.

Cloud security is always top-notch with the help of AI.

Summing It Up!

Cloud computing is helping all kinds of businesses and with AI integration it becomes a significant commodity in different fields.

The future seems to be highly tied together with growth in both cloud & AI.

As more businesses are adopting cloud technologies, AI will deliver the required efficiency. It becomes easy to protect the cloud with AI. A point is expected when no cloud technology will be without AI (Artificial Intelligence).

There are huge changes in the IT sector and several other industries with the fusion of both.

Transfer all kinds of business apps and functions on the cloud to attain a technological edge over the competitors. There is immense scope for all kinds of businesses & industries to avail of cloud technology and AI.

Source by Tina S Smith