The college route involves four years of the high school, a college acceptance for admission and a high school diploma received during the 12th-grade for some students not for all students. There are many common routes to college that end in the same result. Some students want to take a break or even more students extended their time before going to the college. Some students take extra classes to cover their high school coursework. But, some students apply early for admission. During the admission application process, you can go through the following questions:

• Do you need a high school diploma?

• Do you still have to meet the core requirements for your high school?

• Do formal standardized testing requirements change or not?

If you are going to apply as a high school junior, this information is for you.

Are the 11th-Grader students Allowed to Apply to College?

Probably, The first question you have is whether or not you are even allowed to apply to college during the junior year of your high school. You can use this information for two sources.

Firstly, you have to consider your high school. Usually, the high school cannot allow you from applying to college at any stage, however college administration can be more supportive in this case. Secondly, if you are curious about admission to college as a 11th-grade student, you’ll need to ask your guardian support. At last stage, this information will come in the form of advice from your guidance counselor, parents and instructors. They can give you recommendations about the selection criteria or college admission application process. You can also apply without the support of your guardians or parents, but it may be more difficult to do so if they don’t think that you are making right decision, for example your recommendation letter may not be authentic as they would be if you delayed until senior year.

Can your high school help you during application process to the college as a junior?

Definitely, they will do, but it can be more challenging if they are not support your assessment. From the college point of view, they will allow the high school juniors to apply early, but there is no specific route to do so, so you’ll be focus to same standard process and application as everyone else. In some colleges, GED also known as high school diploma and other proof of your high school curriculum is required. Although, many colleges need a specific number of core classes, such as four years of English course.

If you are going to apply to college as a high school junior, you will require to do more research about the application requirements for application. This is a traditional way that you will need to do more research to ensure that you are eligible or not. Every college has its own requirements for application process. So, you should go through all the steps written in the application form.

During application process for the 11th-grade, plan for the Standardized Testing

Another way that you’ll need to manage your application process, is formal standardized testing. When you are applying on short notice, you’ll need to take an early step for ACT or SAT preparation. Usually, you scores will be up to given criteria and you’ll not face any difficulty during application process of a high school.

In the perfect meaning, simply your test would be moved forward one year. It mean you’d be taking fisrt test during the early spring of your 10th-grade year. If you are going to retake the test, you will have enough time for preparation during the fall 11th-grade. This is the time management skills for the early preparation of your test to save your time for admission at right time.

How Colleges Assess Your Application If You Apply in the 11th Grade

Generally, Colleges do not consider what grade you are in when you apply for the admission. This means that the most challenging part of admission process for college in 11th-grade is making an application strong enough to compete with the candidates who are a year ahead of you.

No matter how intelligent you are, it will be difficult to compile the depth of experience to compete with the student who has had an extra year. Admissions committees will not only compare your scores, but also your honors, achievements and extra-curriculars. If you plan to apply to a specific college, your application will need to be able to compete with top candidates from 12th-grade students across the country.

Obviously, it’s not difficult to get admission into college as a high school junior. Simply, it means you have fewer option for the selection process. If you are worried about your application won’t stuck, but you are well-perpared to start a college level work or you are showing your potential towards your career, you can choose a less competitive or smaller college first, and then relocate once you have proven your skill in the college environment.

The application process as an 11th-grader is not the easy task, it can be more challenging that allow you to prepare your career in advance and handle more difficult task.

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Source by Sarosh Sohail