Article marketing automation is considered to be the best tool to make money, if you wish to provide publicity for your articles in a restricted period of time to a large group. Most individuals, who are involved in affiliate marketing, use article marketing software so that they can expand their outreach.

In most cases, people using this option are pure crazy about it owing to the manner in which it simplifies a large amount of work and completes it in a record time. However, there are also others who have had frustrating experiences with this tool and decided to never use it again.

A key reason for this is because people fail to realize the perfect situation to make use of an article marketing automation tool.

When should you use this option?

If you wish to boost the page ranking of your site, this tool will work like a charm. A key function of this tool is link building and you can be assured of good results in case you make use of this. It is possible to insert up to three links in the body of the article without much difficulty.

When search engines come across this feature, they are much more likely to push your page ahead in the results as it ensures that your page is actually credible and worth coming up in the list.

When else should you use this tool?

If you are aiming to launch a marketing scheme for your articles, ensure that you are including this tools as a part of your article marketing schemes. This option alone can associate your articles with blogs that have contents, which are in tandem.

Consider the case of an article talking about different diets, when you use an automation tool, your article will be linked to the blogs that talk about losing weight.

When should you avoid using any automation tool?

If your aim is to rewrite original articles, then any marketing software is not for you. People that have tried to do so managed to get thoroughly annoyed and gave it bad reviews in the end. The amount of time that an automation system needs is significantly higher than the time needed by a person to redo the article from scratch. Therefore, avoid using this tool, if you want an article to be rewritten.

When else should you avoid using this option?

There are some people out there who would like to be aware of the location of their article and where it is going to be submitted. This tool can do nothing beneficial for them.

It is next to impossible to track such blogs and find out where essays are being submitted. A common grouse with users of this tool is that articles tend to get submitted to blogs that have not been regularly updated from a long time.

Source by Asem Eltaher